2011 Cabernet Franc (D) $19.95

This beautiful red varietal is smooth and velvety, with hints of cedar chips and cloves.  On the palate we taste mixed berry pie with cinnamon sticks annd chocolate.

This wine pairs well with pork loin with savoury chutney and old cheddar cheeses.

2013 Talon (D)    $17.95

A delicious blend of five grape varietals intrigues the adventurous palate. On the nose one may notice notes of raspberry, cocoa, coffee, cigar box, black licorice, and cinnamon.  On the palate of this medium-bodied wine you may taste dark berries, cherry nibs, nutmeg, dark chocolate shavings and leather. 

Talon Red pairs well with Bolognese, pizza or lightly charred pork burgers. Think dark sauces and light spices.  Coffee cream truffles are the perfect dessert companions for Talon Red.

2013 Merlot Reserve (D) $34.95

Merlot Reserve is one of our two premium red wines.  This medium-bodied red is smooth and a delight to the senses.  On the nose dark fruit, plum, chocolate, and deep ripe cherries may be detected.  The palate tastes of baked Byng cherries and pencil shavings with some mineral notes. 

This wine is very versatile.  It pairs well with beef, pork or chicken, all cooked in rich dark sauces and served with root vegetables or rosemary roasted potatoes.  For dessert, enjoy a glass of Merlot Reserve and a taste of milk chocolate mousse.


2015 Baco Foch (MS) $14.95

This rich, full bodied wine has a nose of deep ripe fruit and cassis.  The palate showcases Black berrry jam and plums with balanced acidity.

This wine pairs well with Spicey Salami's, Salty olives and cheeses.


2011 Cabernet Merlot Reserve (D) $18.95

A consistent customer favorite and aged this bold red delights the nose with bursts of baked cherry and smokey cedar cigar box. On the palate are flavors of dark cherry, warm spice, and black pepper.

Enjoy this full-bodied red with a very rare fillet with béarnaise. An assortment of bitter chocolates would perfectly compliment a glass of Cabernet Merlot Reserve.



2013 Pinot Noir (D) $19.95

This light-bodied brick red wine delivers aromas of cherry, soft leather, forest floor and a hint of lavender.  On the palate you may notice flavours of cherry, raspberry, light smoke, some earthiness and mineral notes. 

Pair our Pinot Noir with mushroom ragout, duck breast with Byng cherry sauce or a turducken burger topped with brie and cranberries.  For dessert, pair this wine with raspberry and/or cranberry tartlets.

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2013 Merlot (D)


This medium-bodied red wine delivers aromas of rich plum, ripe blackberry, cherry and cigar box. On the palate cassis, cloves and black pepper can be detected. This wine has a particularly long finish.

Pair our Merlot with braised short ribs, venison burgers, and pot roast.

2013 Heritage (D) $34.95

Three new grape varieties tailored to suit the unique climate of Ontario were born right here in Harrow and granted the Premier's Agri-Food Innovation Excellence Award in 2009. Proven to be extremely resistant to frost and disease, they require very little control measures. It is Cooper's Hawk Vineyards' privilege to grow and produce these fine grapes and be part of the beginning of a great Heritage. 

This blend of the three HG (Harrow Grapes) is deep and bold. Aged in Canadian white oak barrels for 9 months, Heritage was born as Canada's unique blend, a true local experience from grape seed to oak barrel. From the heritage of our vineyard and reflecting the white oaks grown here, this wine celebrates the History of Essex County.

Heritage is one of our three premium red wines. this full-bodied red is a local favorite as the grape itself has been grafted here in Harrow to grow specifically in this area.  The nose has a herbaceous character with dark berry undertones.   The palate offers up deep cherry notes, anise and a cigar box finish.

This wine pairs wonderfully with braised foods such as Lamb lollipops with fresh mint or rare flank steak with chimi churri. Classic cherries jubilee makes a great accompaniment to our Heritage.